Continuous Improvement
of the Customer Experience

We contact each of your key business clients
  • Client 1
  • Client 2
  • Client 3
  • Client N

We contact each key business client for a flash telephone interview, recurrently and over a pre-established period of time, 6 months or a year, for example.

Client feedback is immediately published in your mobile

As soon as individual client feedback is obtained, it is immediately published on your managers’ and reps’ mobile phones.

Instant and continuous client feedback accelerates your continuous improvement

Key personnel have instant, continuous access to each client’s feedback, and can thus accelerate continuous improvement of business relationships, internal processes and sales.

The Satisfa – Continuous Improvement of the Customer Experience business solution enables firms to publish – in real time - business clients’ feedback on personnel’s mobile devices anywhere and anytime. Such crucial, instantly accessible information enables managers and reps to refocus offerings or services, react to unexpected situations, strengthen relations and better satisfy key clients, one by one, quickly, frequently and year-round.

“More useful than surveys, much simpler than CRMs!”



Select the business clients to be interviewed, we telephone them, and the feedback they give is immediately published on your reps’ mobile devices.

Easy to install on personnel’s mobiles, and available for all mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry, WindowsPhone).

A customized SATISFA usage protocol can be supplied upon request to optimize the system’s impact in your enterprise.


Requires as little as one hour’s training for business unit managers, and only five minutes training for each mobile user.

The mobile application displays a list of the clients interviewed and each client’s feedback.

SATISFA’s user friendly, visually striking screens are pleasant to consult.


The solution administrator accesses an agreeable dashboard comprising six effective, easy-to-use modules for, among other things, selecting the interviews to be done, generating a visual presentation of the collated results, and creating reports of the actions undertaken by the firm’s personnel.

SATISFA screen showing typical client feedback



Real time frank, honest perceptions from key clients, one at a time.

What clients really think about your firm , its products and services; suggestions for improvements are encouraged.

Flash interviews lasting less than 60 seconds.

Results published on mobiles immediately following the interview.


The client feedback published on their mobiles enables your personnel to immediately thank, listen to, propose, convince, explain, improve, resolve, and enhance as appropriate, based on the evaluations given and suggestions made by each client individually.

Quarterly collated results, visible via the mobile app, facilitate follow-up of your firm’s performance with clients.

Presentation of a SATISFA Advocacy Index screen

How SATISFA benefits B2B firms

  • Instant access to client feedback leads to rapid reaction by personnel
  • Improve client satisfaction, experience and loyalty, one client at a time
  • Increase corporate agility and shorten products, services and processes improvement cycle
  • Limit missed opportunities, reduce churn rate, and help to increase sales
  • Empower employees and intensify their commitment
  • Paperless solution. Low total cost of ownership. High ROI.


In the context of it’s technological and business deployment, SATISFA is proud to be associated to the following key technology leaders :

CRIM - Computer Research Institute of Montréal
AQT - Quebec Technology Association

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